Friday, June 10, 2011

Blue Pee, Tests, and Writers Block

My dear readers (or should I say grandma?), I would like to apologize for my recent lack of blog posts. I was terribly ill (and actually hospitalized). My parents, worried, took me to specialist after specialist. Six shots and a blood test later, they couldn't figure out what was wrong. But that didn't stop them from throwing in a second blood test in for good measure. Finally, I saw a therapist, and she diagnosed me with the nightmare of all nightmares: writers block. It is a nasty little sickness that turns your brain into mush every time you try to write. Unfortunately, I suffered from all six of it’s symptoms:
1. Inability to fill a blank page
2. frustration
3. daydreams of bananas
4. stuffy nose
5. terrible ideas, such as a blog post about writer’s block
6. and, of course, blue pee
I even tried all the usual cures, such as sleeping, aspirin, and even watching “Legally Blonde”, but it didn't work. As a last ditch effort, I tortured myself with a tub of chocolate ice cream and some Internet-surfing, but to no prevail. At last, after months of therapy, I figured out what was wrong: there was a block physically tied to my head, with the word "writers" on it. No wonder I couldn’t write! Upon untying the “writers block” from my head, the word’s flowed out freely again, just like my blue pee.
- Scatterbrain Sam

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Becky said...

sam!!! this is a really good post. keep posting i'm really enjoying these :D