Monday, April 4, 2011

The 3 Emotional Stages of Spring Cleaning

With the smell of spring in the air, I have felt the uncontrollable urge to do some dusting, cleaning, re-arranging, and organizing of my room. This would be a completely normal thing to do in spring......if I was a 40 year-old house-wife and mother of three. As a 13 teen year-old girl, choosing to clean her room over texting her friends is a little bit out of the ordinary. I think what drives me is the fact that organization is the one thing I can never quite achieve. There are also some basic signs that suggest it’s time. For example, when you have forgotten the color of your carpet; it’s a sign. When you find your toothbrush in a pile of clothes under your pillow; it’s also a sign. But everytime I attempt to clean my room (which is about once a week) it ends in complete and total disaster. There are three stages of emotion that I go through when trying to spring-clean (or just clean at all). At first, I am emotionally stable and very excited to finally organize my room. I put on my “cleaning” outfit, pull out a duster, and even spend 30 minutes going through my itunes library to find inspirational music to keep me going. By the time I go through the second stage, my room is ten times worse and looks like a tornado swept through. Once I have fully gotten frustrated at my inability to get anything done, I spiral down into the last stage- complete denial and deep depression about my lack of cleaning abilities. I went in there with a feeling of excitement and a pretty clean room and leave with sadness and an even messier room. So before trying to do your own spring cleaning- really sit down and think about the affects it will have on your emotional health. Other than that, enjoy and I hope you have better than luck than me at it!
-Scatterbrain Sam


Colleen Cuisine said...

I need to check out this "cleaning" outfit. Maybe wearing an exploding-arts-and-crafts-stuffed jumpsuit is part of the problem?

The goddess said...

I am completely unorganized too. Its really hard to just sit down and say "okay I am going to clean my room" because it usually doesn't happen. If you ever achieve your goal, then try not to mess up your room again (if possible). Then, you will NEVER have to clean your room again!!!!! :)