Sunday, April 3, 2011

Easter for the Jews

As a proud Jewish member of my community, I am so excited because spring time has finally arrived, and with spring comes EASTER!!! I started planning an egg hunt for my friends since the end of the last candy-packed holiday, Halloween. My family and  I are not half Catholic half Jewish either, we are fully Jewish but make an exception for Easter. A couple years ago, I went to an Easter egg hunt at a local neighborhood. I got so serious about finding the most eggs that I full on body tackled this little 5-year-old girl so that I would reach the last egg! I was completely unashamed after the fact too... to the point of performing a half-crazed victory dance and calling her a loser. As you can see, my obsession with this holiday is a bit on the unhealthy (and potentially dangerous) side. I even send out invitations for the egg hunt, titling it , “Easter for the Jews.” With the new addition to my family though (my absolutely adorable puppy Teddy) it might be a little more difficult to hide the eggs in our backyard, but I am still excited as ever! So enjoy your own Easter festivities, and hopefully you won’t get as crazy as I do!
-Scatterbrain Sam


Colleen Cuisine said...

Hallmark needs to develop a line of greeting cards for people who celebrate other religions' holidays. "Wishing you a wonderful Easter... even though it was the same day we murdered that Jesus dude. We're still friends, right?"

T.Barnes said...

Love the cartoon.

The goddess said...

Great cartoon! I think Easter is a great holiday that everyone should take part in. The only difference between Easter for Christians and Easter for everybody else is that us Christians have to go to church.