Sunday, April 3, 2011


For the past week, I have been trying to meditate so as to calm down my brain and focus on one thing at a time; at least, that is what’s supposed to happen if a meditative state is achieved. I followed every step perfectly, sitting with my feet on top of my knees (which is torture in itself for a person who can’t even touch her toes), put my hands palm-up on top of my legs, and I even did the whole throat-humming thing. In theory, I was great at meditating except for the whole, well, meditation part. You are not supposed to think about anything, but rather just be. Every time I tried to do just that, my mind would just trail off in random directions, such as, "I wonder why the sky is blue. My leg is itchy. I have to go pee”. Then I ended up just thinking to myself, “Stop thinking! Clear your mind! Stop thinking!” As you can see, that wasn’t working out. Thus I did the only honorable thing left: give up. I have come to accept the fact that meditation and Sam just don't go in the same sentence, and even if I could do it I don't think I would want too. My 13 year old mind might just not be sophisticated enough to fully grasp meditation, so I find myself doing other calming activities instead (such as baking, taking a walk, etc). So if you are one of those people who can meditate successfully, then I admire you unconditionally; I just don’t want to be you.
-Scatterbrain Sam

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The goddess said...

Meditating is hard when your trying to do it on your own. Guided meditation is much easier because a.) you get to think and b.) somebody is telling you what to think.